Several Characteristics When Teenagers Exposed To Depressed

Many factors are hitting us at a very fast rate and it is easy for a teen to get emotionally unbalanced. One of the largest factors is hormone change. As a child starts to turn into an adult physically there is a change in hormones. This can contribute to mood swings, which include depression. Your teen may not even know what is causing their depression and sometimes it is difficult to diagnose.

Another reason may be emotional. It's too emotional for a teenager to set the change from childhood to adulthood difficult. You want to be treated like an adult, but not to treat the necessary skills and experience to all experimental situations as adults. Sometimes they are insisting on non-rational decisions which have a negative impact on them. This can lead to depression, and sit in the background that are not able to handle situations and have low self-esteem.

Sex drive is strong in this time of life and can lead to madness with relationships. This can lead to a lot of turmoil of growing up and move to a very depressive state. This depression can not be so bad that there is a risk of suicide.

Peer pressure can make a teen feel inadequate and they may be feeling the need to do something even though they know it to be wrong. This can make them feel depressed as they feel that they are not in with the crowd.

Symptoms may include:
1. Withdrawal: You may find your teen shutting themselves in their room and not wanting to interact with anyone. Or they are just moping around the house and do not want to talk to other family members or eve their friends
2. Irritability: they may be irritable and not want to talk to anyone.
3. A feeling of low self esteem
4. Lethargy-not wanting to do anything
5. A depression that can momentarily improve by some happy event
6. Generally sad and prone to cry easily
7. Suicidal tendencies.
8. Sexual promiscuity

Teenage years are hard on an adolescent and depression is common in a teenager. If you see changes in emotion and your child seems depressed it is wise to seek medical help as soon as possible. There is an extremely high rate of suicide among teens and much of it stems from depression. If teen depression is left unchecked it can develop into serious mental health issues so it is good to take your teen to the doctor or therapist before this happens.


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